Kingtronics Industrial Co. LTD

Contract Manufacture

We offer the very best capability in SMD, QFP, COB, BGA technologies — our equipment is world-class… our knowledge is unrivalled.

There are classically three levels to optimise the cost of your designed product:

• Manufacture & test - using components from your own approved vendors. Cost savings are made through improved quality, equipment, scale and reduced labour rates.
• Cost reduction - through introducing locally sourced components — these components are evaluated and submitted for your approval and implementation.
• Product redesign - using our design-for-manufacture criteria and a clean sheet on the component selection.

We have a proven track record for product transition from other factories — tooling and test adaptation and integration, handling transition parts, etc. Soft start, PCBA or sub assembly first or the whole product… we've been there many times before.

Kingtronics, 'low risk, lower overall cost'
…committed to total customer satisfaction.