Kingtronics Industrial Co. LTD

Culture and Art at
The Hong Tai Center

Occupying 4,000 sq meters within the Hong Tai Center, the Culture and Art Complex consists of an 850 seat Concert Hall, a 180 seat Conference Hall and 42 individual practice rooms.

The concert hall uniquely features a fully computer automated ceiling acoustic reflector system. This allows swift and easy configuration of the acoustic properties of the performing environment - enabling real time adaptation to performer and the performance's individual requirements.

Professional broadcasting, recording and post-editing suites are provided in an optimum environment within the complex. All studios are equipped with the state of the art facilities, including 96 channel digital audio recording and multi route 1080p HQ video recording.

The Chinese Government has bestowed on the Hong Tai complex the great distinction of having been permanently appointed as host of the renowned China International Piano Competition.

The Hong Tai Concert Hall is truly world class. Kingtronics are honoured that the Center shares the reputation for excellence in the Arts already possessed by the great cultural hub in which it is located - Xiamen, the "City of Art".

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